Thursday, December 2, 2010

Halo-halo - a Filipino dessert

Halo-halo. No, not the popular game series, but a popular dessert from Filipino cuisine. Not only the taste is irresistible, the look and smell of it are just as enchanting to your senses. Halo-halo, which stands for mix-mix in English, consists of finely-shaved ice and a delightful concoction of sweetners such as shredded coconut, boiled banana chunks and gelatin topped with crispy popped rice and a glob of ice cream, among other yummy tidbits like jelly beans, skittles and sweet-sour sauces.

Enough to stir your senses of sight, smell and taste, all in once...

I should had posted this in the summer but it is just too yummy to share it next year. I have plans to make halo-halo with my family next summer. The best thing I like about this treat is that you can customize it the way you want it. So think of creating your own halo-halo with your favorite things like apricot chutney, mango chunks or even candies like M&M’s. Even if you are a Pakistani, it doesn't hurt to give things a little turn or twist for sake of an unique and fun experience.

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