Saturday, December 4, 2010

SMDC included in WHO directory of medical schools

Source: SMDC included in WHO directory of medical schools

LAHORE: The Shalamar Medical and Dental College (SMDC) has been included and activated in the World Health Organisation (WHO) directory of medical schools, making its students eligible to appear in any qualifying exam anywhere in the world.

This will also help the graduating students in job placement around the globe. The management of the SMDC considers it a big achievement and recognition of the SMDC medical education and a mean for the repute of the graduating professional doctors nationally as well as globally. The college spokesman said that the teachers and students were very happy over this development and the students were specially committed to serve the community after completing their education.

SMDC Result of First Professional MBBS Part-I Exam '10

Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore Result of First Professional MBBS Part-I Annual Examination 2010, held in October 2010 - University of Health Sciences, Lahore

72 passed - Congrats while 20 couldn't make it yet.

Dear Seniors. I still havn't met any of you yet. But I know that there will be 92 of you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Meowth that's right: a tribute to Team Rocket

No matter where are you in life...
You can always find someone who can sing Team Rocket theme song...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Halo-halo - a Filipino dessert

Halo-halo. No, not the popular game series, but a popular dessert from Filipino cuisine. Not only the taste is irresistible, the look and smell of it are just as enchanting to your senses. Halo-halo, which stands for mix-mix in English, consists of finely-shaved ice and a delightful concoction of sweetners such as shredded coconut, boiled banana chunks and gelatin topped with crispy popped rice and a glob of ice cream, among other yummy tidbits like jelly beans, skittles and sweet-sour sauces.

Enough to stir your senses of sight, smell and taste, all in once...

Lahore Zoo publishes its first newsletter

This November, Lahore Zoo started publishing its first publication, a quarterly newsletter. Well, it is not that great in graphics and context, but for a zoo located in Pakistan, this is an important milestone. Lahore Zoo has became a zoo of international value in 2004, when it was granted a membership by WAZA and also hosted the fifth conference of SAZARC.

Apparently Lahore Zoo never had a good resolution logo of itself...but Wikipedia does...

Community of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the web and it is one of the finest examples of public resourced data sites out there. Every six hours, more than 2,000 user accounts are made on Wikipedia. However, only 8% of those actually remain active. Sadly, there have been very few active contributors from Pakistan.