Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner, 2010

I love exploring different cultures. There had been fun festivals this month. On November 11, it was the Pepero Day in South Korea. It's a decent event in which you give away chocolate cookie sticks to your close ones. From November 16 to 19, there was Eid-ul-Adha, a three day holiday event celebrated by Muslim community.

Dinner in making
Last week, there was a Thanksgiving Day. The harvest festival originated in North America, it is celebrated around the world. In USA, it falls on fourth Thursday of November; while in Canada, it is celebrated in second Monday of October.

The main tradition is the thanksgiving dinner, a large family meal which usually is centered around a roasted turkey. Other dishes include mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bean casserole, pumpkin pie. Of course, these dishes are very rare in Asian cuisine. So, Asians usually tend to have the dinner there way. In Lahore, you can find frozen and imported baby turkey in the ‘Hyperstar’ store at the Fortress Shopping Complex. It’s expensive, at least Rs. 4,000/-.

Some Muslims in my country think that this festival is associated with non-Muslims, so they either don’t bother about it or the more narrow-minded ones start insulting it. It is a harvest festival so religion should not be involved. Having a good time with your close ones is more important.

My family had a fun time by having heart-shaped chicken breast steaks with spaghetti, raita sauce and fresh salad. I am a semi-Vegan though. I eat meat as less as possible because it is bad for health anyway. What you guys think about this sober dinner festival? 
Dinner served

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