Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New A Level Physics book

Like if we are not hating ourselves too much already, a brand new Physics book for A/AS Level shows up. Guess what? It is published by Cambridge International Examinations itself (CIE). Good timing shitheads. Arrived in shops just after we gave are extra-hard exams in May/June 2010. Remember the hall probe thing in P5. Look up into indexes of each one of your trusted books and you will find absolutely nothing. But this new book has it all, perfectly made for Cambridge A Level students. Engaging topics, colorful graphics, full syllabus, practical guidance, moderate difficulty questions, formula sheets, it has everything. It also comes with an effing computer disc. Good luck to our juniors - you guys will never know how lucky you are. Do yourself a favor and buy this already. Time is going to pass too quickly. The price is in the line of Rs. 2,000/- at Iqbal Book Depot, Main Market, Lahore. Sorry, I could not remember the actual price. Have a look on the front cover below.

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